BookDestiny founder Sasha Mosalov was raised in Moscow, and began bookbinding in the early '80s, during an era when a large number of literary classics were banned in the Soviet Union. By word of mouth, Sasha became the go-to-guy for rebinding smuggled books from the West, allowing for people to walk the city freely without fear of persecution.

It wasn't long before Sasha brought together his artistic expertise with the traditional bookbinding craft to develop his signature one-of-a-kind artistic creations. Through his studies at CCAC he honed his understanding of paper making techniques, binding styles, and originated the Raised Design method seen on many of his books. 

After 35 years in the industry, Sasha's works have been featured in galleries, commissioned for popular life-cycle events, exhibited at premier craft shows, and displayed throughout homes across the world.

He continues to restore historic texts and to push the envelope, all while drawing inspiration from his home in California, his family, and his never ending love of the written word.